Terms & Conditions of Hire

Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Interpretation.

In these terms and, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

  • “Function Date” means the date of the function for which the item(s) of clothing is/are being hired. If travel is involved prior to date of function, the date of travel becomes the function date.

  • “Hirer” means the person who makes the booking, either on their own behalf or on the behalf of their party, to hire one or more articles of clothing.

  • “Hire Period” means the period of hire which will commence at 9am on the Function Date and will cease at 9am on the Return Date unless agreed otherwise.

  • “Order Date” means the date the Hirer places the order.

  • “Return Date” means the date on which all garments must be returned.

If you feel unable to accept any of these terms and conditions you may cancel this order within 48 hours of the Order Date and receive a full refund, including your security bond, unless the Function Date is within seven days of Order Date.

Gilt Edged will provide:

Garments as detailed on your order as long as they are within the size range available. Please note that it is not possible to carry out alterations to garments as you would expect if you are purchasing it.

All garments are quality checked and processed after each hire and every effort is made to ensure the quality is to a high standard and that garments are free from any defects. However, due to drycleaning there may be a slight shading difference in garments, especially where garments are ordered for a large wedding party.

We reserves the right to substitute to the nearest half size as follows:

  1. Jacket Sleeve + / - 1 inch

  2. Trouser length + / - 1 inch

  3. Top hat size + / - 1/8

  4. Shoes + ½ size

  5. Shirts + ½ inch


  1. Security Bond

    A security bond of £250 per outfit must be paid prior to the despatch date. We will contact you after the order is placed to arrange payment which will be refunded after the function date and when all garments have been returned.

    Changes to Original Order

  2. We reserve the right to charge for any changes you make to your order.

  3. Fitting

    1. If garments do not fit satisfactorily or have any other fault please contact our customer service team. All replacements must be inspected and tried on by the Hirer (or other members of the Hirer’s party). 

    2. As children’s size change quite significantly whilst they are growing the Hirer should arrange to re-measure 4 weeks prior to the function to confirm the sizes required. This allows plenty of time to amend the order if necessary.

  4. Delivery of Garments

    1. We stress that the Hire Period is deemed to start from 9am on the Function Date, which is the time we agree to have the suit available, providing the above conditions have been complied with. Please remember that, if travelling, Function Date is deemed to be date of travel.

    2. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to inform us, when booking, if the outfits are required before the Function Date. 

    3. When an outfit is required in advance of the Function Date an extra hire charge of 50% per week or part week is payable.

    4. Hire outfits will be delivered 7-10 days before the Function Date.
  5. Extended Hire — (before or after the function date)
  6. Hire orders may be extended for additional weeks at a rate of 50% of the normal weekly hire charge for additional week or part week. This includes provision for the delivery of orders earlier than the branch normal delivery date. If you wish to take out extended hire please contact our customer service team to avoid any additional charges.

  7. Late Orders
    Late orders are deemed to be orders received within 7 days of the Function Date. These orders may be accepted but will be sent out by an independent carrier and you may incur an additional cost. Gilt Edged will not accept responsibility for any failure to deliver on time by such third party.

  8. Return of Garments
    All garments must be returned on the first business day after the function. Failure to do so may result in additional charges. There is no exception to this condition.

  9. Care of Garments

    1. Please treat the garments with reasonable care.

  10. Lost / Stolen / Maliciously Damaged Items
    The hirer will be responsible for the cost of any hire item that is lost, stolen or maliciously damaged. A full range of charges is available on request.

  11. Peace of Mind Waiver Fee

    1. Payment of Peace of Mind Waiver Fee by the hirer covers any charges that would normally arise following accidental damage to any or all of the garments provided that they were being used appropriately.

    2. Peace of Mind Waiver Fee is optional.

    3. Peace of Mind Waiver Fee does not cover garments which have in our opinion been damaged through inappropriate use.

    4. Please remember that any personal or wedding insurance you may already hold does not cover the garments owned by us.

  12. Returns

    1. After the big day, simply stick the DPD returns label we’ve supplied onto the top of your original box, place all garments and the suit bag back in the box, reseal it using the adhesive tear strip underneath the front panel and return it to a DPD Pickup Shop. There are 2,500 of these throughout the UK. Find your local one here: DPD Pickup Shops